This is what we actually did! The daily ascents are calculated using compacted GPSr data and SRTM elevation data and are likely to be reasonably accurate.

Click on the day number to see a map of the route, an elevation profile and to get a GPX file of the route. There is also a zipfile containing all of the GPX files available.

DayDestinationDistanceAscentTime CyclingAvg Speed
1St Ives19.6 mi509 m1h47m11.0 mph
2Harlyn Bay51.5 mi1114 m4h58m10.4 mph
3Okehampton67.4 mi1449 m6h33m10.3 mph
4Huntstile72.2 mi1127 m6h28m11.2 mph
5Tidenham Chase68.7 mi1326 m6h21m10.8 mph
6Ludlow62.2 mi1185 m6h04m10.3 mph
7Middlewich77.1 mi787 m6h37m11.6 mph
8Clitheroe70.9 mi861 m6h22m11.1 mph
9Temple Sowerby63.8 mi1631 m6h25m9.9 mph
10Shawhead77.1 mi795 m7h40m10.1 mph
11Troon68.6 mi1029 m6h42m10.2 mph
12Ardgartan73.9 mi733 m6h05m12.1 mph
13Benderloch56.2 mi1110 m4h42m11.9 mph
14Fort Augustus69.6 mi1028 m5h53m11.8 mph
15Evanton57.9 mi1183 m5h20m10.8 mph
16Bettyhill77.1 mi1157 m7h11m10.7 mph
17John o' Groats50.1 mi785 m4h39m10.8 mph
Total   1083.8 mi
(1744.2 km)
17809 m
(58428 ft)
99h47m 10.9 mph
(17.5 kph)

In addition to this there were 14.7 mi (23.7 km) and 338 m (1109 ft) of cycling from Penzance to Land's End plus 21.4 mi (34.4 km) and 345 m (1132 ft) of cycling from John o' Groats to Wick via Duncansby Head.

Highest speed attained was on Day 9 at 41.3 mph. Highest elevation was also attained on Day 9 at 426.8 m (1400 ft) at the Cross of Greet at the top of the hill above Slaidburn.

The furthest cycled in a day was Day 16 but only very marginally as remarkably three days were 77.1 mi. Day 16 was just 0.08 mi further than Day 7. Average daily mileage (including the end bits) was 65.9 mi (63.8 mi without).

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