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30th Sep 2008

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Lycra. I might look like a bit of a tit but boy is it comfy! I acquired some lycra cycling shorts and tights(!) and they are so ace for cycling in. I felt very strong today, it was a shame I had to go to work as I could have kept cycling.

On the way in I kept to the same route as on the 24th except I didn’t do the offroad bit to Long Wittenham but stayed on the B4016 to the bottom of Sire’s Hill. This made it about a mile longer than before. On the way home I made up a new route, turning north from the centre of Wallingford to Shillingford and over the Thames. A short distance on the A4074 before turning on to the old road through Dorchester. I then used the newish cycle path alongside the A415 through Burcot before turning south at Clifton Hampden to Long Wittenham. Then for the second time today I went to Little Wittenham and up the hill to the clumps before turning right and going back up the hill to Sire’s Hill! I was then back on the B4016 through Appleford and home.

Again I had a few technical problems with the PDA crashing on the way in and the GPSr batteries failing just before I got home!

Distance :: 15.32 mi (GPSr track is 17.72 mi)
Time :: 1h01m02s
Average Active Speed :: 15.06 mph
Run.GPS Training Profile
Run.GPS Training Profile

Distance :: 16.19 mi (GPSr track is 17.23 mi)
Time :: 1h06m38s
Average Active Speed :: 14.57 mph
Run.GPS Training Profile

Posted: Wednesday, Oct 01, 2008 at 10:20 AM by jochta


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