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My first table tennis final for many years! Last night my West Ilsley team took on a 1st Division team in the semi-final of the Pembroke Cup handicap competition. And we played out of our skins, the best table tennis I’ve ever played at times. I actually beat two of the 1st Division players from scratch!

The final is in a few weeks and might be played during the closed championships, which means we will have an audience. Next Tuesday I’m playing in the semi-final of the Bidmead Cup in the Didcot league, could it be two finals in one season?

The annoying thing is I’m playing a Division 3 league match tonight and I know I will revert to defensive mode as it’ll work against the opponents, instead of the exciting free-flowing table tennis I played last night.

No pictures of the lunar eclipse last night, it was mostly cloudy although I did glimpse the eclipsed Moon very briefly.

Posted: Thursday, Feb 21, 2008 at 12:55 PM by jochta

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